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The Scallywags are based in West London and are known for mixing great music with as much fun and silliness as they can cram into every gig they play!

The Scallywags have been playing together for over 10 years, anything from the Rolling Stones to Britney Spears (not often!)

The band are all close friends and love to have a laugh on (and off) stage...

SonG LiSt

Dave is a founding member of the Scallywags. He is infamous for his happy countenance (see picture). Thankfully he no longer glares at us over his glasses when the rest of the band makes mistakes... because he dropped them once and was unable to find them! (No complaints from us there... Unless its his turn to drive!)

With saying all that... Dave is the Scally’s rhythm man and does exactly what the band needs to embellish and colour the songs we play to truly find that Scally sound and feel!

Dave is always very keen to encourage Phil to play saxophone - only because it gives him an opportunity to play bass (like in this picture! “ffs Dave it’s mine” - Phil)

Dave - Guitar, Bass & Backing Vocals

Well what can we say... Well, anything frankly, and Alan will believe us!

Alan’s singing and drumming talents know no bounds and he constantly amazes on-lookers with his ability to sing and move his hands and feet at the same time... This doesn’t go down well in the local library where he lives, but is great at gigs!

Alan also sings a wicked harmony when required and we keep a monkey wrench handy to help with the high notes!

Alan is well known for his ability to buy a varied and ostentatious array of shirts... As long as they are striped. His claim to fame was being mistaken for a deck chair by 2 amorous naked lovers on the beach at Brighton!

Alan - Drums and Lead Vocals

Uncle John! Captain Concentration.. Founding member John has so many names - but we can’t risk listing any of the others!!!

John rarely makes a mistake, but when a duff note or two is heard, you will always see him look at his amp to confirm that any error was due to technology - not him Guv honest!.

John’s sense of humour is just as important to the Scallys as his lead guitar playing. However, we’d much rather hear John’s rippin’ rock solos than yet another dirty joke about Popeye’s girlfriend... And just don’t ask him what the meaning of “Molly’s Chamber” is!

Johnny B (Good!) - Guitar & Backing Vocals

With playing Bass, Saxophones, Keyboard, Tambourine, singing Lead and Backing vocals - we would like to say that Phil is the most versatile and talented musician of the Scallys. We would like to say that... but we can’t.

Phil is always very popular with the management of the establishments the Scallys play because of the amount of beer he consumes during the evening. Phil brings a certain uniqueness to the Scallys, with his solid and dynamic bass playing, emotive, moody sax playing and mix of lead and backing vocals. He always seems happiest singing harmonies to complement Alan’s lead vocal.

Phil - Bass, Saxes and Lead Vocals

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